What are two types of roofs?

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Types of Roofs
  • A-frame Roof: This type of roof is very popular for churches, cottages, homes, and other structures. ...
  • Butterfly Roof: The butterfly roof is not a roof style that is widely used. ...
  • Flat Roof: ...
  • Folded Plate Roof: ...
  • Gable Roof: ...
  • Gambrel Roof: ...
  • Hip Roof: ...
  • Mansard Roof:
Sep 18, 2018

How much do roofers get paid per hour UK?

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How much does a Roofer make in the United Kingdom?
CityAverage salary
Roofer in London 29 salaries£18.84 per hour
Roofer in Glasgow 38 salaries£14.27 per hour
Roofer in Birmingham 38 salaries£13.87 per hour
Roofer in Manchester 26 salaries£15.39 per hour
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Feb 17, 2020