Can you roof over wet plywood?

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A: It is never a good idea to install a roof over wet plywood or any type of roof sheathing. Trapped water will boil when the sun heats the roof and the shingles will then have small pits where the steam finally escapes.Apr 28, 2012

What happens if you fall off a roof?

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Accidents involving roof disasters are among some of the most injurious to the victims. They may experience intense pain, broken bones, harm to various body parts, internal bleeding and even death. Even when the injuries are minor, the damage may be extensive on the inside.

What Colour roof is best?

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If the colour of your house has beige to cream shade, the best roof colours to go for are black, brown, grey, and blue. If your house is coloured brown, you can choose from black, green, brown, and grey roof colours. If you have a white house, you are lucky because any roof colour can go well with it.Dec 16, 2019