What are the different types of roofing sheets?

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There are four common types of roofing sheet to consider, and these are as follows:
  • Metal Roof Sheets. Whether for use atop a garden building or to adorn your garage and protect your pride and joy, metal roof sheets are a fantastic option. ...
  • Plastic Roof Sheets. ...
  • Polycarbonate Roof Sheets. ...
  • Corrugated Roof Sheets.
Aug 31, 2010

Can I staple a tarp to my roof?

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Leave at least an extra four feet of tarp on each end to cover the roof damage. Secure the tarp with 2 x 4 boards. You can staple or nail the tarp to the boards, but be sure to use nails that are not so long that they will go through your roof.Jun 13, 2017

Can you lay roofing felt on top of roofing felt?

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When felting over any old felt you can use a bitten primer to get a proper fix, some felts are also a 3 layer system allowing them to go over old felt, however if he has quoted for old felt to be removed then that is what he should have done. Any old felt roof needs to be completely taken up and re boarded.